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First Degree Fitness FluidPowerClimb

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    First Degree Fitness FluidPowerClimb

    FluidPowerCLIMB is a high-quality commercial grade contralateral full body climber. The resistance is infinitely variable via the 10x Adjustable Fluid Resistance mechanism.

    Contralateral climbing means that the opposite arm and leg will be synchronised in a natural movement pattern allowing the spine to remain in a neutral position. The CLIMB is designed to withstand the most vigorous HIIT workout or provide silky smooth resistance suitable for warm ups, cool downs and rehabilitation.

    The CLIMB seamlessly and automatically adjusts to your step height and arm reach requirements. The full body CLIMB doubles up as a lower body stepper. Stepping reduces the total workload compared to climbing. The handrails can provide additional support to further reduce the load. Swapping between climbing and stepping adds another element of training variation in any zone, for any fitness level.

    The FluidPowerCLIMB is a perfect inclusion for any type of fitness facility, it can add variety to all types of group and individual training and it only takes up half the space of a treadmill.

    Rower Dimension:

    • Compact Footprint:  1550mm x 790mm (61.02" x 31.10")
    • Upright Storage: 790mm x 2480mm (31.10" x 97.64")
    • Max User Weight: 180kg (396.83lb)

    Commercial Warranty: 

    • Frame 10 years 
    • Fluid Tank 5 years
    • Mechanical and all other non-wearing components - 2 years 


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