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    The Breath Belt makes every Breath Stronger by Jesse Ohliger

    Developed by NFL Player, Jesse Ohliger, the Breath Belt was created to solve a 10-year bout with chronic hip and lower back pain.

    After a year of consultations with an array of Doctors, Rehabilitation Specialists, and Strength and Conditioning coaches, it became clear that all modalities were missing something to connect breath mechanics to optimal hip function – as they are tied systems. It became evident that a tool was needed to alleviate tight abdominal tissues that restrict the prime movers, QL & PSOAS, against gravity during exercise.

    The Breath Belt is currently helping thousands of clients as well as numerous college and professional sports teams in corrective movement, rehab, and strength and conditioning. It is widely used to help any coach or client quickly learn and feel the link between diaphragmatic breath mechanics and hip mobility – as they are tied systems.

    The Breath Belt was designed to support hip and lower back discomfort and help any user learn how to breathe and brace properly by lengthening all 3 layers of the abdominals. The result instantly improves diaphragmatic breathing patterns, improvement in hip extension, and better posture with any exercise!



    Breathe Belt Features

    • 10 built-in stabilizing supports & internal distraction sleeves designed to improve glute activation, help reduce lower back stress and improve posture
    • Secure, double-belt closure for customizable active compression
    • High-performance fabric is lightweight, breathable & fabric infused to reduce odor
    • Allows full range of motion while supporting lower back during activity or sport
    • Wear under or over clothing


    How to use the Breath Belt 

    1. PLACE

      1. Line up base of THE BREATH BELT at your Pubic Bone covering the top 2″ of your hip bones

      2. Pull over & velcro the Left Strap 1st & Right Strap 2nd

      3. Tighter fit recommended for optimal use

    2. PACK (Optional)

      1. Place front side distraction balls between the corner of your hip bones and your belly button 

      2. Recommended back side distraction to compress the SI Joints

    3. STRAP

      1. Before applying 2nd Strap, take 3 diaphragmatic breaths to bring awareness to the active resistance of the internal distraction

      2. Exhale fully as you apply the Left Strap 1st, Right Strap 2nd

      3. Be aware of the compression and begin to diaphragmatically breath 


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