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Muscle Recovery Equipment

 Muscle Recovery Equipment

Muscle Recovery Equipment

Muscle Recovery tools are critical to sports performance and muscle development for a variety of reasons. Some are physiological and some are even psychological.

Rest is physically necessary so that the muscles can repair, rebuild, and strengthen. Without sufficient muscle recovery to repair and replenish, the body will continue to break down from intensive exercise.

Our Muscle Recovery Tools support better blood circulation and flush lactic acid, giving your body the advantage you need to adapt to the stresses of your exercise.

Take control of your healing and replenish energy stores and repair damaged tissues with our collection of muscle recovery equipment.

  • Power Plate Pulse Attachments with Matte Red
    Power Plate Pulse Massage Gun in Matte Red
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    Power Plate Power Plate Pulse
    2 colors available

    Experience Deep Massages using the Power Plate Pulse with Quiet motor technology  Imagine you're sore and need to stretch. The Power Plate Pulse ma...

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