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Air Rowing Machine

Get Full Body Endurance with Air Rowers

Air Rowers provides the strength-building, cardiovascular workout you desire in the gym, studio, or the comfort of your own home. Durable and affordable, Air Rowers comes with intuitive wind resistance. Pull faster for more resistance; slow down for less. Effectively target all the major muscle groups as you row your way to health, including arms, legs, abs, and glutes.

  • TKO AirRaid Rower 8AR
    TKO AirRaid Rower 8AR Angle View
    Save 9%
    Original Price $1,600.00
    Current Price $1,450.00
    TKO TKO AirRaid Rower 8AR

    Burn all the Major Muscle Groups with the TKO AirRaid Rower and 9 Different Resistance Settings For CrossFit and HIIT-style training, the TKO AirR...

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