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Motive Fitness TotalStretch TS150 Home Gym Stretching Machine

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The Motive Fitness TotalStretch TS150 Home Gym Stretching Machine

Designed for the athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, the TotalStretch™ TS150  from Motive Fitness has all of the features of the TS200 in a slightly lighter-weight frame.  Standing and seating stretches, it revolutionizes stretching by allowing users to safely and effectively perform a comprehensive set of stretches all in one place.  From the front or the back.

Total Stretch TS150 Key Features

Provides multiple grips to target different muscles for users of all sizes. Places
the foot in a bio-mechanically correct angle to ensure an effective hamstring stretch. Ensures correct foot position and stability for numerous standing stretches.

ErgoStretch™ PLATFORM
Places user in correct position for more effective lower leg stretches.
Allows users of all sizes to perform standing stretches from a stabilized position.

ErgoStretch™ ROLLERS
Provides comfortable and effective leg stabilization for both seated and standing stretches.

Provides comfort and stability for correct positioning in seated stretches.

Instructs the user through a comprehensive 8-stretch total body circuit.

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Customer Reviews

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Andrew Viola (Burbank, US)
Total Stretch 150

Great piece of equipment for any home gym. Makes stretching easy. Well made, quick to assemble, sturdy. Customer Service was excellent. Someone actually answers the phone when you call. Competitors Outlet is now saved as a favorite on my laptop.

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Buyers Benefits at Competitors Outlet Buyers Benefits at Competitors Outlet