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Synergee Rhino Powerlifting Barbell

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Synergee Rhino Powerlifting Bar 

Unleash the Beast with our Synergee Rhino Bar. This bar performs superbly under pressure – 190K PSI, to be exact. It weighs a solid 45 lbs and has a 29 mm diameter. It is intentionally built to withstand your heaviest lifting sessions so you can lift, drop, repeat until your body becomes engrained with your gains.

Our Steel Bar has a Cerakote-coated shaft and Black Phosphate sleeves, giving it a tough as nails, no-nonsense look. This bar is meant for a serious lifter – it has aggressive (but not sharp) volcano knurling, center knurling, and one set of powerlifting marks. It is rigid, has a little whip, but still exhibits a smooth spin.

With 16.40” sleeves and a maximum load rating of 1500 lbs, the Synergee Rhino Bar is designed to withstand your heavy training sessions and help you become strong as heck.

Rhino Powerlifting Barbell

Rhino Powerlifting Barbell Features


Brand Synergee
Bar Use Powerlifting
Bar Weight 45lbs
Diameter 29MM
Knurling Volcano
Center Knurl Yes
Knurl Marks Powerlifting
Shaft Coating Cerakote
Bar Length 86.36"
Loadable Sleeve Length 16.40"
Block 24.78MM
Sleeve Coating Black Phosphate
Bushings/Bearings Bushings
Tensile Strength 190,000 PSI

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