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Synergee Multi-Grip Swiss Bar

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4 Alternative Grips with the Synergee Multi-Grip Swiss Bar 

This bar goes by many names: The Swiss Bar. The Football Bar. And, of course, The Synergee Multi-Grip Barbell.

Our Multi-Grip Barbell comes with 4 alternative grips to allow for angled neutral positions for presses, curls, and extensions. Each bar is angled to reduce stress on your shoulders during pressing-heavy workouts or exercises that require a full range of motion. It is especially beneficial for athletes recovering from shoulder injuries or with limited shoulder mobility.

This barbell is 82” long, weighs 27lbs, and has standard 2” sleeves. This steel bar is coated with a black matte finish. It is compatible with our Bumper Plates and Aluminum Collars – so get lifting!

Mult-Grip Bar Guide

Handle Spacing Options 6", 14", 22" & 30"
Bar Weight 27lb
Max Load 450lb
Color Black

Strong & Sturdy

Our Synergee Multi-Grip Barbell is constructed of solid steel! They offer accurate weight and are precisely balanced, offering different grips for your comfort. Solid steel with a powder coat finish means a long-lasting, powerful bar!


4 Grips 

This bar offers 4 different sets of grips. Go from narrow to wide to hit different muscle groups, and enjoy the comfort of lifting with an angled neutral grip!


2" Sleeves 

Our Multi-Grip bar has 2” sleeves, making it compatible with your other Synergee gear! Load it up with bumper plates and your collars and get pressing!


Multi-Grip Bar Specs

Bar Length 82"
Loadable Sleeve Length 13.80"
Sleeve Diameter 2"
Handle Spacing Options 6", 14", 22" & 30"
Handle Diameter 2.8"
Bar Weight 27lb
Max Load 450lb
Shaft Coating Black Powder Coating

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US Forest Service Departent of Agriculture
US Air Force Academy
Detroit Police Department
San Fransico 49ners
United States Coast Guard

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