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Synergee Color Bumper Plates Pairs

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    Synergee Color Bumper Plates 

    Our Synergee Bumper plates are durable and aesthetically pleasing. Plus, we don’t charge you for shipping; we only charge for low-bounce, high-quality rubber polymer bumper plates.

    When hitting your 1RM, the last thing that should be on your mind is, “Can I drop this if I need to bail?!”. These bumper plates are built to withstand drops - even from overhead - so you can prioritize your safety while challenging old PRs. They are durable and dependable, and they save your platform, floors/mats, and bars from damage, too!

    Our bumper plates are sold in singles or pairs. With a collar opening of 2”, they can be loaded onto any standard barbell; and with their thin profile, you can load 5 x 45 lbs and 2 x 15 lbs plates on a standard bar sleeve (510 lbs on a barbell, total).

    This line of Bumper Plates corresponds to standard Olympic Weight Color Coding: 10LB (Black), 15LB (Black), 25LB (Green), 35LB (Yellow), 45LB (Blue), 55LB (Red). Each plate has white letter markings that are highly visible, even from a distance. These plates are a must-have for any workout that uses Olympic lifts, as well as home gyms, CrossFit boxes, and school weight rooms.

    Bumper Plates Guide

    10lb 15lb 25lb 35lb 45lb 55lb
    Color Black Black Green Yellow Blue Red
    Width 1" 1.22" 1.77" 2.44" 2.75" 3.05"

    Weight Set Guide

    160lb Set 230lb Set 260lb Set 320lb Set 350lb Set
    Bumper Plates (2)10lb, (2)25lb, (2)45lb (2)10lb, (2)25lb, (2)35lb, (2)45lb (2)10lb, (2)15lb, (2)25lb, (2)35lb, (2)45lb (2)25lb, (2)35lb, (2)45lb (2)55lb (2)15lb, (2)25lb, (2)35lb, (2)45lb, (2)55lb


    Our bumper plates boast an ideal durometer hardness rating. They are designed to bounce less when dropped, which means a lesser force is exerted on the barbell, which means the center ring is saved from impact and damage. Plus, less bounce means more predictable bar travel when dropped, which allows you to workout safely in small spaces or with others.


    These plates are ready to be used the moment you get them! No need to wait a few days to air out the smell, just unpack them and get lifting - on their own or on a bar.


    Breakthrough plateaus with our thin-profile, durable plates. These plates are compact, allowing you to lift as much as 555 lbs (510 lbs in plates on a 45 lb bar), and their expert design means you can drop them when necessary without worrying about damaging yourself or your gear.


    Brand Synergee
    Plate Type Multipurpose
    Plate Material Rubber Polymer
    Diameter 17.5"
    Collar Opening 2"
    Weight Tolerance +/- 1% of claimed weight

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      Michael Ford
      Great quality... very happy with my purchase

      Appreciate the teams help in working with me to get the product to me as soon as possible... worth the "short" wait!

      Jennifer Becker

      Great customer service and fast shipping