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Synergee 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack

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Keep your gym Organized and Safe with the Synergee Dumbbell Rack and 1,000 LB Capacity

You know what’s better than a set of sleek, sexy dumbbells? A set of sleek, sexy dumbbells organized from lightest to heaviest on a beautiful, space-efficient, easy to assemble shelf!! Oh yea, baby!

Our Synergee Dumbbell Rack is 46.25”(L) x 20”(W) x 30"(H) and will fit an entire set of Dumbbells 5-50 lb pairs! Keep your Dumbbells easy to find, organized, and off the ground. Keep your gym tidy and reduce the time you spend searching for the equipment you need. Do it all with this Rack!

Plus, assembly is a breeze. All the required parts arrive in one package and our instructions are fool-proof! Assembly takes minutes so your gym will reach prime spick & span tidiness in no time!

No more sifting through heavy dumbbells trying to find a matching pair; no more stubbing your toes on bells lying haphazardly on the floor. Get this dumbbell rack for your gym. Future You will love you for it!

Dumbbell Rack Guide

Dumbbell Rack Dumbbell Rack Set
Comes With Weights No Yes (5-50lb Set)
Capacity 20 Dumbbells 20 Dumbbells
Dimensions 46.25" x 20" x 30" 46.25" x 20" x 30"
Max Capacity 1,000lb 1,000lb

Organized = Professional

Racks are essential to having an awesome home, garage, or commercial gym. Yes, having awesome equipment to work out with is key; but so is having the right gear to keep it organized and accessible. Our Dumbbell Rack will give your gym space a tidy, professional look that will motivate you to work out and make you the envy of your workout buddies.

Perfectly Fits Your Sets

We constructed this dumbbell rack to perfectly fit a 5-50 lb set of Synergee Dumbbells. 10 Pairs of our Dumbbells fit perfectly in this rack in the most space-efficient configuration. Plus, do you know how badass it will look to have a complete set of Synergee Dumbbells and a Synergee Rack to hold them? Answer: very badass. Consistency is sexy!

Easy Assembly

A few screws here, a couple of bolts there, and your dumbbell rack are ready to go. Assembly is not complicated at all and is further simplified with an easy-to-read and follow instruction manual. Every piece that is required for successful assembly is included in the package.


Dumbbell Rack Specifications

Brand Synergee
Max Capacity 1,000lb
Dimensions (inches) 46.25" x 20" x 30"
Capacity 20 Dumbbells
Material 8 Gauge Steel
Coating Black Non-Chip Powder Coating


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US Forest Service Departent of Agriculture
US Air Force Academy
Detroit Police Department
San Fransico 49ners
United States Coast Guard

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