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RopeFlex RX2100 - Rack Mounted Rope Pull Machine


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Get Unbelievable Grip Strength using the Ropeflex RX2100 and Endless Rope Resistance

Master your grip strength.  Yes, you can already open any pickle jar based on your current training. With the Ropeflex RSX2100, you'll feel the rope resistance all the way up to 200 lbs.  You can only engage the maximum resistance by combining both speed and intensity.  

This endless rope trainer is the original manufacturer of Rope Drums and the RX2100 offers complete angle versatility, with applications for every professional athlete.  

The rack-mount feature upgrades your power rack by adding an incredible functional workout for grip strength.  The RX2100 features a soft braided rope for a comfortable grip. 

For bag-rack owners, this can also be integrated with bag-racks, adding more functionality to your existing installations.

Best of all, the same benefits and safety features of functional exercise and sport-specific training that other Ropeflex™ models provide can be yours without losing any floor space, by simply attaching the RX2100 to your existing hardware.

Ropeflex RX2100 Rack Mount Rope Pull 

Features of the RX2100 Climbing Rope Machine


RopeFlex RX2500 Rope Trainer Mount

Two Types of Rack Mounted Rope Pull Machines

RX2100 OX2O   RX2100
RopeFlex RX21-OX2O Outdoor Attachable Rope Trainer
RX2500 Rope Pull Mahcine Drum
An outdoor version, utilizing stainless steel sealed bearings and a specially coated frame to stand up to the elements.  Designed for gyms, medical facilities, and rehabilitation centers and allows for additional customizations.


Specifications of the RX2100 Endless Drum

  • Length: 13" (33cm) 
  • Width: 13" (33cm) 
  • Height: 16" (41 cm) 
  • Weight: 45lbs (20kg)  

Watch the Ropeflex RX2100 in Action: 


  • Warranty: Full Commercial 
  • Frame (Excl. Coating), Structural: 10YR
  • Pulley, Bearing: 3YR
  • Labor, Electronics: 1YR
  • Rope, Upholstery, Accessories: 90DAY

RX2100 Product Downloads:


Data Sheet

Owner's Manual


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