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First Degree Fitness FluidPowerRow

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    First Degree Fitness FluidPowerRow

    FluidPowerROW is a high-quality commercial-grade rowing ergometer with an instant natural catch and a smooth consistent feel throughout the whole stroke.

    This resistance pattern is created by the unique semi isokinetic properties of our patented Twin Tank 10x Adjustable Fluid Resistance system. The ROW will cater for the explosive power of any HIIT workout all day every day and yet remains silky smooth at any combination of stroke rate and resistance making it suitable for long cardio sessions, warm-ups, cooldowns, and rehabilitation.

    Rowing has long been viewed as an efficient training modality for your whole body; the FluidPowerROW takes this efficiency to new levels.

    Rower Dimension: 

    • Compact Footprint:  1950mm x 810 mm (76.77" x 31.89")
    • Upright Storage: 810mm x 860mm (31.89" x 33.86")
    • Max User Weight: 180kg (396.83lb)

    Commercial Warranty: 

    • Frame 10 years 
    • Fluid Tank 5 years
    • Mechanical and all other non-wearing components - 2 years 

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