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The Stairway GTL by Jacobs Ladder, Review of the Ultimate Stair Climber

The Stairway GTL by Jacobs Ladder, Review of the Ultimate Stair Climber

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Take your Cardio Workout to the Next Level with the Stairway GTL by Jacobs Ladder

Investing in a stair climber machine is one of the quickest ways to instantly boost your home gym or fitness studio game as they’re considered one of the best fitness options when it comes to effective cardiovascular or lower body strengthening workouts.  The Stairway GTL is one of those game changer home gym additions that takes stair stepping to the next level with user controlled stair climbing and  user controlled speed and intensity - fully driven by how fast you climb.

How it Works

The stairs on the GTL are 8″ high and 9″ deep, closely resembling the stairs you’d see in your own home with the first initial step being 10″ for easy starting and stopping. 

The frame and steps are heavy-duty, powder coated steel which allow this machine to hold folks weighing up to 350 lb. It is versatile and space-efficient, requiring only a 8 feet ceiling height with a 30.5″ width making it easy to move through interior doorways. 

Unlike the original Stairway by Jacobs Ladder that uses a waist belt and your position on the stairs to adjust your speed automatically, the GTL can be controlled by you from the console using up and down buttons.

With a max speed of 160 steps/min, the Stairway GTL stair climber aims high for those looking for faster steps.

Straight Forward and Self-Powered 

The console on the Stairway GTL keeps it straightforward and simple with readouts including the Steps Climbed, Elapsed Time, Calories Burned, Rate (Steps/Min), and Heart Rate (wireless).  Anything more is an unnecessary extra. 

Unlike most stair climbers, the GTL is self-powered, meaning you don’t have to worry about locating it near an outlet to operate. 


Overall, if you’re looking for a solid, straightforward, quality commercial grade stair climber to last a lifetime, that doesn’t have to be plugged in, the Jacobs Ladder GTL is worth checking out below.

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