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Synergee Yoga Chair

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Using Synergee's Yoga Chair with U-Shaped Headstand Pad

The Synergee Yoga Chair is an effective tool for building strength, stability, and flexibility. Plus, relieve pressure from our neck, shoulders, and hips in the process! Perform advanced moves with the comfort and grounding support of this Yoga Bench.

This wooden base is strong and sturdy. It is topped with a comfortable PVC-padded cushion that separates into 2 pieces. The U-shaped Pad stays on the bench and will cradle your shoulders during inversions, or support your arms, hips, and legs for other poses. The T-shaped pad can be removed and placed wherever a little extra softness is needed: under your heads, knees, hands, etc.

Assembly is easy and all necessary hardware is provided. The chair stands on a 25” x 15” base and stands 16” tall and has a weight capacity of 350lb. The perfect support for any aspiring yogi!

The Synergee Yoga Chair Guide and Specifications

Foot Print 25" x 15"
Height 16"
Material - Base Wood
Material - Cushion High Density Foam & PVC Leather

HEADSTAND in the Yoga Chair- PART 1

Crouch in front of the bench (T-Cushion removed) with your hands on the legs. Lean forward to place your head in the center of the U-Pad and ground shoulders into the cushion.

Synergee Yoga Chair Head Stand Step 1

HEADSTAND in the Yoga Chair - PART 2

Bring your hips over your shoulders to get into a pike position. Then - slow and controlled - tuck your knees towards your stomach. Point your toes to the ceiling.

Synergee Yoga Chair Head Stand Step 2

HEADSTAND in the Yoga Chair - PART 3

To complete the headstand, push your feet upwards keeping your toes pointed. Extend your lower body up to stack over your hips, creating a straight line from your shoulders to your feet.

Synergee Yoga Chair Head Stand Step 3

Yoga Chair Specs

Brand Synergee
Foot Print
(L x W)
25" x 15"
Height 16"
Capacity 350 lb
Material - Base Wood
Material - Cushion High Density Foam & PVC Leather

Synergee Yoga Chair Features

Yoga Chair Wheel Variations

The Wheel Pose is a powerful backbend that will open your heart and increase flexibility. Make your core and opposite leg work overtime by performing a one-legged wheel pose variation. Let the Yoga Chair support you through this challenging movement!

Synergee Yoga Chair High Bridge with Leg Upright

Inverted Eagle while in the Yoga Chair

An inversion with your legs in an eagle-bound position is great for the lower back, hips, knees, and ankles. This movement also requires strong abdominal muscles - give them an extra challenge by switching legs while still holding the headstand!

Synergee Yoga Chair Inverted Eagle

Double Stag while in the Yoga Chair

"Stag" refers to bending your knees while upside down. It will and a fun and beautiful challenge to your yoga flow! A double stag involves drooping the back foot, pointing your toes, and bending your knees, and holding them in a staggered position.

Synergee Yoga Chair Double Stag

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