Synergee Kettlebell Set with Storage Rack
Synergee Kettlebell Set 220 KG with Storage Rack
Synergee Kettlebell with Storage Rack Solid Steel
Synergee Kettlebell with Storage Rack Rubber Anti Slip
Synergee Kettlebell with Storage Rack Side View
Synergee Kettlebell with Storage Rack Dimensions

Synergee Kettlebell Set with Storage Rack

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    SYNERGEE Kettlebell Set with Storage Rack (220 kgs)

    Do you want a tidier gym and longer-lasting equipment? Then get the Synergee Kettlebell Rack!

    The Synergee 220 KG Kettlebell Rack is 60”(L) x 20.5"(W) x 26”(H) and will fit all your Synergee Kettlebells! Keep your Kettlebells easy to access, organized, and off the ground. This results in a tidy gym and increases your equipment’s longevity! Our Kettlebell features 3 Legs for support to make it a stronger, longer-lasting rack than anything our competitors offer. AND each shelf is fitted with an anti-slip liner to keep your Bells in place.

    All the parts required for this Rack come in one package and our instructions are easy to follow. Assembly takes minutes so your gym will reach peak organization in no time. No more stubbing your toes on bells lying haphazardly on the floor. Get your workout space organized & looking great in no time!

    Kettlebell Rack Guide

    Kettlebell Rack Kettlebell Rack Set
    Comes With Weights No Yes
    (2)x 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg & 24kg
    (1)x 28kg & 32kg
    Dimensions 60” x 20.5" x 26” 60” x 20.5" x 26”
    Max Capacity 453 kg (1,000 lb) 453 kg (1,000 lb)


    Our Kettlebell Rack comes with 3 Supportive Legs and an Anti-Slip lining. This makes our Kettlebell Rack the strongest on the market. Our reinforced design will ensure your Synergee Kettlebells are held safely and securely. Our Kettlebell Rack will give your gym space a tidy, professional look that will be the envy of your gym buddies for years to come!

    Kettlebell Rack with Kettlebell Set


    Do you know how badass it will look to have a complete set of Synergee Kettlebells and a Synergee Rack to hold them? Answer: very badass. Consistency is sexy! That is why we offer a set of Kettlebells and a Rack. It includes (2) x 8 kg, 12 kg, 16 kg, 20 kg, 24 kg, and (1) each of 28 kg and 32 kg which will fit perfectly on your Rack. And your gym will not only be tidy and organized, but it will also have a tied-together look.


    A few screws here, a couple of bolts there, and your dumbbell rack are ready to go. Assembly is not complicated at all and is further simplified with an easy-to-read and follow instruction manual. Every piece that is required for successful assembly is included in the package.





    Brand Synergee
    Max Capacity 1,000lb
    Dimensions (inches) 60” x 20.5" x 26”
    Material 8 Gauge Steel
    Coating Black Non-Chip Powder Coating
    Weights Included (2)x 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg & 24kg
    (1)x 28kg & 32kg

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