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Pro 6 Aspen Stairmill Stair Climber

by PRO 6

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Experience the natural feel of a Pro 6 Aspen Stairmill Stair Climber

With the Pro 6 Aspen Stairamill, the feet follow their natural curved step-up pattern between treads, thereby enabling far superior muscle engagement and toning.

Walking uphill on a stepmill is a fantastic low-impact workout that trains your everyday functional muscle groups. Targeting core and leg muscles at the same time, the Pro6 Aspen Pro Stair Mill will allow you more mobility traversing everything, ranging from actual stairs to the outside mountain hiking trails.

The Aspen StairMill Stair Climber is the ultimate indoor stair climbing machine. With the user-controlled pace and a max speed of 120 steps per minute, this step mill provides both light industrial and home use applications.

For those who are serious about losing weight and burning more calories in less time, stair climbing offers a great way to achieve those goals by enabling versatile indoor fitness programs. As well as the obvious cardiovascular benefits.


Pro 6 Aspen Stair Climbing Key Features:

  • User-controlled variable pace to suit all levels of fitness
  • Electromagnetic braking system (no motor)
  • Highly reliable step lock system with sensor/reflector
  • Maximum Speed: 120 steps per minute
  • Computer control system
  • Contact heart rate monitor
  • Tracks time, distance in floors, and speed in steps per min.
  • Gives a great low impact, high cardio, calorie burn workout
  • Uses more muscle groups than treadmill work
  • Offers a larger range of movement than other exercise machines
  • Improves:
    • Joint flexibility and joint nutrition
    • Core stability
    • Bone density


What Muscles does the Pro 6 Aspen Stairmill activate?

  • Gluteals
  • Piriformis
  • Illo-Psoas
  • Tensor Fascia Latae
  • Illo-Tibial Band
  • Hip Flexors
  • Trunk Stabilisers


    Electromagnetically Braked – Not Motor Driven

    The user’s own energy climbing steps drive Aspen. With no electrical drive motor, power consumption is a mere 60 watts – the same as a medium intensity domestic light. An electromagnetic braking system regulates machine speed, matching the feed rate of steps per minute to the user’s programmed requirement and personal energy input.


    Step Lock Safety System on the Pro 6 Aspen Stair Stepper

    The Step Lock System employs a photo-optic sensor that will automatically stop the unit if the user exceeds the lower limit of travel. The Step Lock also enables the user to stand still on the stairs while programming workout information in comfort. With a compact footprint, transit wheels for mobility, and a ceiling height requirement of a standard 2.4m/8’, Aspen becomes the perfect choice for any small health club, rehab facility, or home gym.


    A StairMill and a Climbmill, not just a “Stair Climber”

    The name “Stair Climber” has come to be routinely applied to items of equipment where the user stands on two separate threads which move alternately up and down, either vertically or in a steeply sloping path. The feet must move along the straight-line path of the treads, which is in fact nothing like climbing real stairs! With a StairMill, the feet can follow their natural curved step-up pattern between treads, thereby enabling far superior muscle engagement and toning.



    • Minimum ceiling height: 96” (8 ft)
    • Size: 44”L x 26”W x 68”H
    • Maximum Weight Allowance: 250lbs
    • Product Weight: 222 lbs


    • Commercial Warranty: 1-year parts
    • Residential Warranty: 1-year parts and 1-year labor


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      Customer Reviews

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      Good Home Size

      If you are looking for a home stepmill the Pro 6 Aspen is a great choice and the size will fit in your home. It has preset workouts and has a good pace for stepping. I bought one and am very happy with it.

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