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Daily Shipping Deal: Free Shipping over $100 to Lower 48 States - ⭐ Rated 4.8/5 by Trusted Athletes
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BenchK Wall Bars: Versatile Stall Bars and Swedish Ladders

The BenchK series presents elegantly designed workout stations that seamlessly integrate into modern living spaces, offering a stylish yet functional approach to home fitness.

Crafted with precision, these Wall Bars are ideal for a variety of exercises, from bodyweight routines to accessory-based workouts, promoting strength, flexibility, and balance.

With their sleek aesthetics and compact design, BenchK products are perfect for those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle without compromising on interior design.

BenchK Wall Bars: Stall Bars and Swedish Ladders

Discover Your Perfect Fit: the BenchK Series Explained


BenchK's collection is thoughtfully organized into distinct "Series," each designed to meet a variety of fitness and space requirements.

From Series 1 to Series 7, each set offers unique features and functionalities, catering to different preferences and environments. This range ensures that whether you have specific space constraints or are looking for a comprehensive fitness solution, there's a BenchK Series that aligns perfectly with your needs.


Feature Series 1 Series 2 Series 5 Series 7
Height 86 ⅝ inches (220 cm) 90 ½ inches (230 cm) 90 ½ - 94 ½ inches (230-240 cm) 94 ½ inches (240 cm)
Installation Lower ceilings Lower ceilings

Lower or higher ceilings

no drilling required

Higher ceilings
Function Work area with attachments Full-gym station Full-gym station, enhanced for hanging exercises All-in-one gym station, versatile for public/private spaces
Materials Natural Beech Wood Steel Frame, Beech Wood Steel, Beech Wood Steel, Beech Wood
Color Wood Black and White Black and White Black and White


  • Height and Installation: Series 1 is the shortest, making it ideal for lower ceilings. Series 2 and 5 are slightly taller, suitable for lower to higher ceilings, with Series 5 offering a no-drilling installation option. Series 7 is the tallest, designed for higher ceilings.
  • Functionality: Series 1 is more basic, suitable for turning into a work area with additional attachments. Series 2 and 5 are full-gym stations, with Series 5 offering more options for hanging exercises. Series 7 is an all-in-one gym station, suitable for both public and private spaces.
  • Materials and Color: Series 1 is made of natural Beech Wood with a wood color, while Series 2, 5, and 7 are made of solid steel and Beech Wood, available in black and white.

Each series caters to different needs: Series 1 for those with space constraints, Series 2 and 5 for comprehensive home gym setups, and Series 7 for a more elegant, versatile solution. The choice depends on your specific requirements regarding space, functionality, and aesthetics.

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