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Synergee Adjustable Squat Rack

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Experience the Synergee Adjustable Squat Rack with 300 LB Capacity

Finally, a squat rack that can adjust to your space; your needs; your lifts; and more!

The Synergee Adjustable Squat Rack is equipped with J cups, safety arms, and plate holders. The J Cups and Safety Arms can be adjusted in height to suit your squatting, pressing, and other exercise needs. The horizontal beam at the base of the rack is adjustable in length to suit your home, and to provide a super compact option for storage. And, there’s even a spot to store your weight plates built into the squat stand!

This Squat Stand provides all the benefits of working with a rack with way less bulk. At its most compact, the footprint is 23.2" x 29.5" and stands 60.3" tall. Squatting, benching, and pressing with a rack is essential to remain focused and efficient during your workouts. This rack is perfect for anyone looking to lift heavy and consistently in their garage or home gym.

Adjustable Base 

Adjust the base of your rack to bring the uprights closer together, or push them further apart. This adjustability allows for you to set the rack for your barbell - whether it's a standard Olympic barbell or shorter. AND it also makes this rack SUPER easy to store!

Synergee Adjustable Squat Rack Adjustable Base

Plate Storage

Angled plate storage pegs that make it easy to add and remove weight, which is also conveniently located right beside where I'll be using them?! YES PLEASE! This built-in plate storage is 8 inches long and 1 inch in diameter to hold most weight plates!

Synergee Adjustable Squat Rack Plate Storage

Built-in Spotter

Squatting with a spotter is awesome. It can make you attempt a heavier weight and push your limits, and it can make you squat more confidently and safely! You'll never have to squat - or bench press - without a spotter thanks to the safety arms that are included with our Half Squat Rack.

Synergee Adjustable Squat Rack Built In Spotter

Adjustable Squat Rack Specs 

Brand Synergee
Capacity 300lb
Adjustable Length 29.5" - 47"
Height 60.3"
Width 25.2"
Hole Size 1"
J-Cups Included - 300lb Capacity
Safety Arms Included - 300lb Capacity
Plate Storage Yes - 1" Pegs
Material 16 Gauge Steel
Finish Black Powder Coat
Weight 47lb

Synergee Adjustable Squat Rack Dimensions

Bench Press

Work those pecs, triceps, delts, forearms, core, and more! This movement is an essential compound workout for your upper body. You can feel supported and safe pumping out those reps thanks to the setup and spotter arms offered by our Half Rack!

Synergee Adjustable Squat Rack Bench Press

Strict Press

Build your overhead strength, fortify your deltoids, strengthen your core, and develop your shoulder mobility with strict presses! This is a foundational strength movement that is a must-have for anyone's training program.

Synergee Adjustable Squat Rack Strict Press

Front/Back Squat

How do you build your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, abdominals, calves, and core all at once? SQUAT! Set your J cups and Spotter Arms at the height you need to get that butt below parallel. And add some weight on that bar - this rack can hold 300 lbs, after all!!

Synergee Adjustable Squat Rack Front/Back Squat

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