Master Press Smith Machine
Master Press Smith Machine Adjustable Carriage
Master Press Smith Machine Deadlift Position
Master Press Smith Machine Deadlift with Plates
Master Press Smith Machine Bench Position
Master Press Smith Machine Incline Bench Press
Master Press Smith Machine Incline Bench Position
Master Press Smith Machine Military Press
Master Press Smith Machine Shoulder Press
Master Press Smith Machine Shoulder Exercise

Master Press Smith Machine

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    Why Buy From Competitors Outlet

    The Master Press is a full-range Smith Machine

    From deadlifts to standing shoulder presses, this unique patented machine raises the bar for functionality, durability, and innovation. The Master Press™ has a vertically adjustable carriage with two independent press arms.  

    You can easily and safely operate this machine.  Safety is supported with counterbalancing and a proprietary weight-bearing design.

    While in standing position, you can do popular ground-based movements like shoulder presses, shrugs, deadlifts, one-arm rows, split squats, etc. 

    Add an adjustable bench (not included), you can perform decline presses, flat presses, triceps presses, multi-angle incline presses, and shoulder presses.

    Why Choose a Master Press?

    • Equal symmetrical muscle development with the independent press arms 
    • Arcs that are joint-friendly and promote low impact movements
    • Pick the angle you want to train at (not predetermined angles)
    • Features a range of motion adjustment
    • Users can safely enter and exit the machine
    • Space-efficient and can be placed against a wall


      The Technical Features:

      • Vertically Adjustable Carriage
      • Carriage Adjustable to 40 Different Positions
      • Independent Converging Press Arms
      • Variable Resistance
      • 8-Position Weight Plate Storage
      • Counter-Balanced Carriage
      • Heavy-Duty Kevlar Reinforced Drive Belt
      • Heavy-Duty Automotive Grade Pulleys
      • Weight plates are sold separately

      Exercises for the Master Press Smith Machine:

      • Multi-angle decline presses
      • Flat bench press
      • Triceps presses 
      • Multi-angle incline presses 
      • Ground-based shoulder presses
      • Standing shrugs 
      • Seated shrugs 
      • Deadlifts

      • Rows 
      • Split squats 
      • Upright rows 
      • Plus many more! 


      Product Dimensions 66" L x 69" W x 82" H 
      Weight 800 lbs 
      Made in USA Yes



      Master Press Smith Machine Video Demonstration:

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