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Synergee 50KG Adjustable Dumbbell & Barbell Set

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Experience the Synergee 50KG Dumbbell & Barbell Set with Adjustable Weights

The Synergee Adjustable Dumbbell & Barbell Set is the whole package. Literally. It is a complete set of adjustable dumbbells and a barbell with 40.5 KG worth of weights, and it all can be stored in a hard case that is fitted with wheels. Easy to store, transport, adjust and add to your workouts.

This set comes with (2) Dumbbell handles. It also comes with (1) a Barbell, which requires the assembly of the (2) barbell rods and a center connector. A set of (6) Collars is included to keep your weights securely on your dumbbells and barbell.

This Set includes 40.5 kg worth of weight plates: (6) x 0.5 kg, (6) x 1.25 kg , (4) x 2.5. kg, (4) x 5 kgs. Each weight has a 1” opening and fits the dumbbell and barbell handles. Including the handles and collars, the entire set weighs 50 KG.

50KG Adjustable Dumbbell & Barbell Set is a Single Barbell

Attach the two Barbell halves with the Barbell Connector to create a 59.5” barbell. Perform deadlifts, squats, presses, and more!

Synergee 50KG Adjustable Dumbbell & Barbell Set

50KG Adjustable Dumbbell & Barbell Set is Compact & Portable 

Every piece of this dumbbell and barbell set fits perfectly in the carrying case. Each weight and collar has a designated spot for storage. This case keeps everything in place and even has wheels for easy transportation.

 Synergee 50KG Adjustable Dumbbell & Barbell Set Components

Two Dumbbells Included in 50KG Adjustable Dumbbell & Barbell Set

Lift with a dumbbell in each hand using the two Dumbbell Handles included! Each dumbbell handle is 13.5” in length and can have weight added to suit your specific workout needs.

Synergee 50KG Adjustable Dumbbells

50KG Adjustable Dumbbell & Barbell Set Specs 

Brand Synergee
Includes: (2) Barbell Pole

(1) Barbell Connector

(2) Dumbbell Handles

(6) Collars

(4) 5 kg Plates

(4) 2.5 kg Plates

(6) 1.25 kg Plates

(6) 0.5 kg Plates
Collar Opening 1"

Synergee 50KG Adjustable Dumbbell & Barbell Set DImensions

40.5 KG OF Weight Plates

We include 40.5 KG worth of weights to use with your barbell and dumbbell! We include: (6) x 0.5 kg, (6) x 1.25 kg , (4) x 2.5. kg, (4) x 5 kgs. These weights are the only weights you should be using for this barbell and dumbbell set.

Synergee 50KG Adjustable Barbell Set

50KG Adjustable Dumbbell & Barbell Set Fits Your Routine

The adjustable nature of this set is ultra-convenient. Need light dumbbells and heavy dumbbells the next? You got it. Need a barbell instead? You got it, too! Plus, the easy-storage feature makes this set perfect for home gyms that thrive off spatial efficiency.

 Synergee 50KG Adjustable Dumbbell & Barbell Set at Home

50KG Adjustable Dumbbell & Barbell Set has Comfortable Grips

The Dumbbell hands are fitted with comfortable plastic grips, contoured to the shape of your hand and 1.3” in diameter at the center. The Barbell is 1” in diameter and has a medium depth knurl to help you hold on throughout your workout.

Synergee 50KG Adjustable Dumbbell & Barbell Set Bench Press

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